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Yaltji Ngurru Ngana Munu Yaljti Kutu Ngana Ananyi: Where we come from and Where we are going

Kuru Ala Series by Ruth Fatt- Blown glass and enamel, tallest 320 mm 2020  21 October- 21 November 2020 @ Sabbia Gallery, Sydney Featuring new works on glass and paper by Jimmy Donegan, Ruth Fatt, Rita Watson, Selinda Davidson, and Cassaria Young- Hogan  Seeking new mediums to engage young Anangu artists as well as to extend the practices of elder large-scale canvas painters in their final working years, in 2018 Ninuku Arts embarked on an opportunity to explore the Scandinavian glass enamelling technique of“grahl” from our remote desert studio in the Tomkinson Ranges. With the support of project funding from the Arts SA and Australia Council, a small group of emerging to senior artists are working to adapt traditional brush and mark making techniques to...

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Desert Mob 2020

Desert Mob 2020 will be vibrant celebration where artists and audiences converge on the Araluen Arts Centre in Mparntwe (Alice Springs). It will feature hundreds of new, innovative artworks from emerging and established artists including new large scale masterpieces from Ninuku artists Cassaria Young-Hogan, Nyayati Stanley Young, Molly Nampitjin Miller, Judy Miller, Josephine Mick, and Jimmy Donegan.

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On View: 'Revealed' at Fremantle Arts Centre

Despite galleries being closed nationally, Australians will have the opportunity to experience a generous and varied collection of artworks by 120 of the most exciting new and emerging Western Australian Aboriginal artists when Fremantle Arts Centre launches the 2020 Revealed Exhibition online at 9am AWST Wednesday 22 April. 2020 Revealed Online Catalogue  Revealed is showcasing works from four of Ninuku's rising stars with  Ngaanyatjarra roots, including Selinda Davidson, Rita Watson, Judy Miller, and Cassaria Young Hogan. In their signature styles on glass and canvas they have depicted stories of their families country in Western Australia.  Installation Shot featuring Ninuku Glass and Painting @ Fremantle Art Centre   Purchasing works from the Revealed Exhibition is a great way to support WA’s Aboriginal Art Centres and artists...

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On View: "Ngura Pukulpa: Happy Place" @ Short St. Gallery April 3-23 2020

  Mamangku NgurraSamuel Miller Acrylic on Linen 2440 x 1830 cmm     “Nyangatja ngura pukulpa nganampa. Tjina kutju parangarapai parangarala parangarapai”  This is a happy place for us. Always walking with our feet around and around and around. Molly Miller Short Street Gallery, Broome invites you to experience our happy place walking through the with desert icons Molly and Samuel Miller, Nyanu Watson, and emerging Ninuku artist Selinda Davidson as they tell stories on canvas and glass from their lives travelling the colourful hills, creeks, campfires, of Wakapukultjara, Waltijara, and Mutinka homelands on the three Way Border of South Australia, Western Australia, and Northern Territory. Short Street Gallery's exhibition schedule traverses the diverse styles of the numerous cultures that make up...

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