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Yaltji Ngurru Ngana Munu Yaljti Kutu Ngana Ananyi: Where we come from and Where we are going

Kuru Ala Series by Ruth Fatt- Blown glass and enamel, tallest 320 mm 2020

 21 October- 21 November 2020 @ Sabbia Gallery, Sydney

Featuring new works on glass and paper by Jimmy Donegan, Ruth Fatt, Rita Watson, Selinda Davidson, and Cassaria Young- Hogan

 Seeking new mediums to engage young Anangu artists as well as to extend the practices of elder large-scale canvas painters in their final working years, in 2018 Ninuku Arts embarked on an opportunity to explore the Scandinavian glass enamelling technique of“grahl” from our remote desert studio in the Tomkinson Ranges.

With the support of project funding from the Arts SA and Australia Council, a small group of emerging to senior artists are working to adapt traditional brush and mark making techniques to recreate their individual tjukurpa (stories) and walka (designs) to be encased and blown into contemporary glass artworks at the Jamfactory Contemporary Craft and Design Centre in Adelaide.

The initial success of Walka Waru Kalawtjanga has become a singular source of pride in Pipalyatjara and Kalka communities, celebrating and advancing the enduring culture and distinct visual language of the Western Desert through the creation of a new composite art form unique not only to the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara region, but to the wider remote aboriginal art and contemporary craft movements.

Yaltji Ngurru Ngana Munu Yaljti Kutu Ngana Ananyi: Where we come from and Where we are Going celebrates the newest collections of these  from three distinct generations of Ninuku Artists, representing within them the past, present, and future directions of creative story telling and design from our art centre.


from left Cassaria Young "Bush Trip" and Jimmy Donegan "Pukuara" Ink on Paper 56 x 71cm 2020
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