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Tali Tjuta by Selinda Davidson 61 x 51 cm

Tali Tjuta by Selinda Davidson 61 x 51 cm

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Tali Tjuta

51 x 61 cm

Acrylic on Canvas


This is a painting of Tali Tjuta (many sandhills) in the area of the artist's ngurra (country or camp). This is a sacred area where minyma (women) perform inma (women's ceremonies involving dancing and singing). This painting takes an an aerial view of the landscape.


About the Artist

Selinda was born in October 1994 in Alice Springs where she went to primary school. As a teenager she moved to Irruntyju and then Pipalyatjara. After Selinda finished school, she became a member of Ninuku Arts Centre painting regularly as well as serving as an arts worker. Selinda enjoys making design (walka) inspired traditional mark making and tjukurpa. Selinda works alongside her grandparents Jimmy Donagan and Molly Miller at Ninuku Arts and has learnt from them how to paint tjukurpa and translate story into her design. Her family's country is in Warburton, WA and she speaks both Pitjantjatjara and English.