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Bush Trip by Cassaria Young Hogan 91 x 91

Bush Trip by Cassaria Young Hogan 91 x 91

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Acrylic on canvas  
91 x 91cm

Cassaria paints her grandfathers country, Stanley Young's homeland Mamutjara (Western Australia) and Kunatjara (South Australia).  This is where she goes on bush trips with her Mother Aunty Carol Young and other family and children for bush foods Maku, Tjala, Tinka and to dig for Punu. 

About the Artist

Cassaria Young was born is Alice Springs, her mother is Susan Young although Carol Young has looked after her since she was a little baby. Cassaria grew up in Kalka community and attended school in Pipalyatjara. She has two sisters and now lives with the Young family in Pipalyatjara community.