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Ninuku Tjukurpa by Judy Miler - 91 x 61 cm

Ninuku Tjukurpa by Judy Miler - 91 x 61 cm

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Acrylic on canvas 
91 x 61cm

Tjukurpa minyma ninu palampa tjitji kutjara (this is the dreamtime story about the bilby woman and her two little boys). This is the story for the community of Kalka. That minyma ninu (bilby woman) and her family were eating all the maku (witchetty grubs). There are a lot of different maku, tjilka-tjilka, punti, ngarkalya and kanturangu. She ate so much that there wre only ngingirpa left (little immature ones). The wati mututa (ant men) got really angry and they chased the bilby family, husband, wife and kids and speared them. They finished off close to Pipalytjara at Iririiriri.

About the Artist


Judy Miller was born in 1964 in Amata, a remote community in South Australia. Her mother is Molly Nampitjin Miller, the founding director of Ninuku Arts Centre. During the 1970’s and the “Homeland Movement”, the family moved to Pipalyatjara before moving to Kalka. Today, Judy continues to live in Kalka with her family.

Like many other Anangu women, Judy has learnt skills in ‘punu’ (wood carving and burning) and ‘tjanpi’ (grass weaving), where she has proven to be extremely proficient. Her painting often depicts designs associated with ‘Kungkarrakalpa Tjukurpa’ (the Seven Sisters Dreamtime story) and passing on bush tucker knowledge. Judy is an extremely dedicated artist, and key member of Ninuku Arts Centre where she has also worked alongside the manager as both a retail assistant and arts worker.