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Gumnut Necklace by Pauline Coombes

Gumnut Necklace by Pauline Coombes

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Every spring and summer Ninuku women forage and clean tatu gum-nuts, quandong, and other seeds from the bush, which are painted to create beautiful jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Every piece is made by hand, by artists from Kalka, Pipalyatjara, and Irrunytju communities of the Tomkinson Ranges. Each piece has a unique motif, no two are pieces are ever the same. Gumnut jewelry is a favourite at markets and festivals, a portion of their profits also help support our daily lunch program for all artists. 

This Necklace is a size small - 32cm. 

About the Artist

Pauline grew up in Odanadatta with her grandmother. She started painting as she grew up with her family and has painted all her life. Pauline has lived in Mt Dare, Alice Springs and now in Kalka community with her daughter Barelldah Coombes and her family.