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Minyma Kutjara by Anyupa Nelson 91 x 45

Minyma Kutjara by Anyupa Nelson 91 x 45

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 Minyma Kutjara by Anyupa Nelson 91 x 45 cm

Acrylic on Canvas



Minyma Kutjara (two women) travel from the otherside of Makura Piti heading north. The two sisters stop halfway near Wingellina. The younger one keeps looking back because she is homesick. The big sister said "why you looking back, why you crying? We are going long way." They travelled around all the different country. The younger sister realises that the older one is pregnant, she thinks how could that be there are no men. But there are men, sneaky men, and they camp with the older sister at night. This story is a women's and men's business story. The two girls keep travelling up past Docker River.



Anyupa Nelson


Anyupa Nelson was born around 1968 in Pipalyatjara to Angampa Martin, a renowned Irrunytju artist. Anyupa lives in Pipalyatjara with her husband and across the road from her sister Angela Watson. She started painting in 2016 and is one of Ninuku's directors.