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Murray Bore by Heather Watson 91 x 61cm

Murray Bore by Heather Watson 91 x 61cm

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91 x 61

Acrylic on Canvas 


Heather paints Murray bore and the surrounding country.  Murray bore is a rock hole that has water year round found just off the Tjuntjuntjara road in Western Australia, close to Irrunytju. This was the home of many old people. The Young, Brown, Roberts and Woods families all live here. 


About The Artist

Heather Watson was born in the bush at a rock hole called Aliwanta near Watinuma in the Pitjantjatjara Lands of South Australia while her parents were travelling for work and the Missions. Aliwanta is the place of the Ngintaka Tjukurpa (Perentie Lizard). Being born there Watson has a special responsibility to looking after the Ngintaka story and has markings on her body that signify the Ngintaka.

 She is the second wife of the later painter Tjupiuru Watson and travels widely between family homes in Tjuntjunjara, Irrunytju (WA), and Kalka South Australia.