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Naganmara by Nyayati Stanley Young - 122 x 91 cm
Naganmara by Nyayati Stanley Young - 122 x 91 cm

Naganmara by Nyayati Stanley Young - 122 x 91 cm

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Acrylic on canvas  
91 x 91cm

This is a painting of a bushfire burning through the landscape. Family is protected by the elders who gather together to determine where the fire will burn next and keep their families safe. Only those with the knowledge passed down through generations know how to read the bushfire and the conditions of the landscape to be able to judge where it will burn next.

"We also use the bushfire to help keep our country strong, ather the fire the land is fresh and clean. The next year there will be new growth."


About the Artist

Nyayati Stanley Young was born in 1949, at a sacred rock hole west of Irrunytju, a small community in Western Australia. Before going off to school at the Ernabella Mission, Stanley grew up proper way with his family in the bush. During these early years, his family spent much time travelling around their home country (the region around the communities of Irrunytju and Pipalyatjara) and living in traditional shelters, ‘wiltjas’. AŌer leaving the Mission, Stanley returned to Pipalyatjara where he
continues to live with his family today. He generously shares stories of his many experiences working as a stockman, a Pitjantjatjara language teacher, a geologist for a mining company, and a truck driver. In one story, he tells of racing a friend in a
bareback horse race all the way from Alice Springs to Kalka. Along with being a celebrated artist and dancer, Stanley is also a respected elder and senior lawman.