Walka by Carol Young - 91 x 45 cm
Walka by Carol Young - 91 x 45 cm

Walka by Carol Young - 91 x 45 cm

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Acrylic on canvas  
91 x 45cm

Rene Nelson was born around 1955 at Warlu, a rock hole west of Irrunytju, near Papulankutja (Blackstone). She belongs to the Pitjantjatjarra language and cultural group. As a young child Rene lived a traditional lifestyle in the desert. She walked with her family to the mission at Warburton where they camped for a while before continuing to Areyonga where she went to school. They camped for a while at Papulankutja, then Irrunytju, where she has raised many children and grandchildren, and is an active member of the community.

In her paintings Rene oŌen draws on her knowledge of country, the location of important rock holes around the place of her birth. She uses layers of vibrant colours intensified by precise uniform dotting.

About the Artist

Carol Young was born in 1972 in Alice Springs, in the Northern Territory. Like many other Anangu (people of the Pitjantjara lands), Carol remembers spending much of her younger years travelling between communities, particularly Amata and Pipalyatjara. Today, Carol lives in Pipalyatjara and is the primary carer for several of her family members.

Carol comes from a strong Anangu family, with both her father and grandmother also being prominent artists. Her father, Stanley Young, aside from being an artist, is also a local elder, lawman, and camel herder. She is also the granddaughter of the late Nyankula Watson, an important Western Desert Painter. Nyankula has passed down both her ‘tjukurpa’ (traditional stories) and unique art style to her granddaughter, which influences all of Carol’s work today. In Anangu culture, stories and painting style are often protected within families, of which only select individuals have permission to continue in their own art practice. Carol uses dot work, with some sweeping brush strokes, to depict these mystical stories of country.