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Walka Wiru Ngura Wiru by Janice Miller 122 x 61

Walka Wiru Ngura Wiru by Janice Miller 122 x 61

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Acrylic on canvas 
122 x 61 cm


Walka Wiru Ngura Wiru means lovely country, lovely drawing. This is a painting is a composition of patterns inspired by the sandy desert features around the Tompkinson ranges of Pipalyatjara, Kalka, and Irrunytju communities where Ninuku artists work.





Janice Miller was born in Alice Springs in 1979 and is Ninuku Arts founding director Molly Miller's fourth child. She grew up in Pipalyatjara, South Australia and worked for Bangala in the CDP program. 

Janice is an emerging artists, regularly coming to the art centre to paint alongside her sister Judy Miller and mother Molly. Janice paints designs and iconography associated with the Seven Sisters, Wati Ngintaka, Minyma Tjukurpa and bush tucker stories.