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Molly Miller Test

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Birth Date: 1948
Birth Place: Papulankutja
Languages: Ngaanyatjarra, Pitjantjatjara
Community: Kalka, SA

Molly Nampitjin Miller was born ‘a bush baby’, circa 1948 at Wakapulkatjara. She moved to Warburton Mission when she was a girl, living in a dormitory with a group of other girls while the rest of her family stayed in the nearby camp. Later she married and moved with her husband to Amata, where she had five children. Molly is a strong presence as co-founding director for Ninuku Arts, as well as a respected elder within the Kalka community. She comes from a strong artistic family; her sisters are Dr Pantjiti Mary McLean and Elaine Lane from Blackstone and her brother is fellow Ninuku artist, Jimmy Donegan (Telstra Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award Winner, 2010). Molly uses traditional iconography to create her depictions of both sacred sites and the places where she spent time as a child. She paints in a considered manner, placing the dots on her canvas with precision and a steady hand. Molly works in layers, open creating colour shifts by dipping her brush or stick into two paint pots before touching the surface. This adds depth and perspective to her compositions and calmly and peacefully invites the viewer into her painting.


Acrylic on canvas
91 x 91 cm
Acrylic on canvas
91 x 91 cm
Acrylic on canvas
91 x 91 cm
Acrylic on canvas
91 x 91 cm
Acrylic on canvas
91 x 91 cm
Acrylic on canvas
91 x 91 cm



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  • Tarnanthi: Adelaide College of the Arts, Adelaide -The Aralya Project
  • Aruluen Art Centre, Alice Springs NT -Desert Mob


  • Aboriginal Signature Gallery, Brussels Belgium -Hold our connection to country strong for malatja-malatja (future generations)
  • Aruluen Art Centre, Alice Springs -Desert Mob
  • Short St. Gallery -Jimmy Donegan and Ninuku Artists


  • Redot Gallery, Singapore -Ninuku Tjuta
  • Alice Springs -Desart Mob, Araluen
  • 1. - 24. July 2016 -Kala ngura ngayuku Colours of my home/country


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  • Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs -Desert Mob
  • Aruluen, Alice Springs -Desert Mob


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  • Ninuku Womens Show, Tunebridge Gallery, Perth


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  • Ninuku Group Show,Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne


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