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On View: "Ngura Pukulpa: Happy Place" @ Short St. Gallery April 3-23 2020


Mamangku Ngurra
Samuel Miller
Acrylic on Linen
2440 x 1830 cmm  


“Nyangatja ngura pukulpa nganampa. Tjina kutju parangarapai parangarala parangarapai”
 This is a happy place for us. Always walking with our feet around and around and around.
Molly Miller

Short Street Gallery, Broome invites you to experience our happy place walking through the with desert icons Molly and Samuel Miller, Nyanu Watson, and emerging Ninuku artist Selinda Davidson as they tell stories on canvas and glass from their lives travelling the colourful hills, creeks, campfires, of Wakapukultjara, Waltijara, and Mutinka homelands on the three Way Border of South Australia, Western Australia, and Northern Territory.

Short Street Gallery's exhibition schedule traverses the diverse styles of the numerous cultures that make up Australia, Each year Short Street showcases the best Australian artists whose work is often informed from a rich Indigenous history, from artists still actively living traditional Aboriginal law and culture.

Works from Ngurra Pukulpa: Happy Place can be viewed and purchased online by clicking on their image or following the link here:

 Molly and Samuel Miller at home in Kalka Community photograph by Mandi King


      Tjulpu Tjuta Nyanu Watson, Blown Glass 245 x 190 mm

Molly Miller
Acrylic on canvas
1220 x 900 mm